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Working To Protect The Rights Of California Employees

Most people in today’s society rely on employment to obtain income and live their lives. However, when an issue arises in the workplace, it can create a great deal of uncertainty and stress. If you are facing an employment-related challenge, turn to me, attorney James R. Kristy.

At Kristy & Kananen, I am an aggressive advocate for employees in the Long Beach and Los Angeles areas. I understand how intimidating it can be going up against an employer. Having formerly worked in corporate finance before becoming a lawyer, I understand how large corporations work. With me on your side, you are not alone in the fight for justice and the compensation you deserve.

Types Of Employment Law Cases

Whether you are an hourly wage earner, a salaried employee, middle management or an executive, no employee is immune from employment-related struggles. I handle all types of employment law cases for employees, including:

  • Wage and hour cases: I provide representation to clients who have gone unpaid for overtime or break time, are misclassified as “exempt” employees, or have other wage and hour issues.
  • Wrongful termination: Talk to me today about the situation in which you were terminated from your job. While not all cases are wrongful, I can evaluate the details and determine how to proceed.
  • Discrimination: The grounds upon which you were discriminated against may be illegal. If so, I will hold your employer responsible for this violation of California law.
  • Other employment law issues: I handle all other types of employment law issues, including sexual harassment and #MeToo matters, California Equal Pay Act, severance agreements, employment contracts, noncompete agreements and more.

Here To Help You Starting Now

I am ready to get started on your employment law case. Let’s get things going in the right direction. To schedule your free consultation, call my office at 888-473-0934 or send me an email using my contact form. Spanish language translation services are available.