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Helping Homeowners Whose Homes Have Been Affected By Expansive Soils

Here in California, the soil needs to be closely examined, tested and prepared before home construction to identify issues such as expansive soil. This is a type of soil that can expand and contract when it gets wet. If a home is built on this type of soil without a proper foundation and pretreatment of the soil, many types of damage can result.

If you are facing construction defects as the result of expansive soil, talk to me, attorney James R. Kristy. I represent homeowners throughout California from the Los Angeles-area office of Kristy & Kananen. I am highly knowledgeable about expansive-soil issues and have handled many cases where homeowners seek remedies for the resulting damage to their homes. I am on your side in the fight to hold the negligent parties responsible for the issues with your home.

The Impacts Of Expansive Soil

The main impact of expansive soil is on the foundation of a home. When expansive soil becomes wet it can expand and contract. Unless the foundation is properly built to withstand these forces, they may result in cracked foundations, uneven floors, and structural damage. These are very expensive issues to correct, and they are the responsibility of the builder. Whether you have discovered issues as the home was being built, or you have damage that was found within 10 years of construction, the developer, builder and certain subcontractors may be responsible.

How To Detect Soils-Related Damage

Damage from expansive soils can manifest in different ways. Consult a construct-defect attorney if you experience:

  • Nail-popping in the roof structure
  • Cracks in the concrete around the home, in the foundation, drywall or stucco
  • Homes constructed without proper drainage
  • Windows and doors that do not close properly
  • Any other signs of uneven settlement

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