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It is essential that you be paid for every minute you spend working. However, some employers have allowed employees to go unpaid, not giving them their commission, overtime pay or required pay for certain meal and rest breaks. If you are missing pay in one of these or another situation, it is time to talk to a lawyer.

Our attorneys, James R. Kristy and Kurt Kananen, are dedicated to helping our clients get the money they are owed by their employers. From Kristy & Kananen in the Los Angeles area, we represent employees throughout the state who are being slighted. We do not back down from a fight, especially when your livelihood is at stake.

Unpaid Overtime And Meal/Rest Break Cases

When you work overtime, you are to be paid for it. Some employers, however, will simply avoid paying for that time. That is a breach of the law, and the employer needs to be held responsible. This is also the case for meal or rest breaks when the employer insists they are unpaid. Employers are required to pay for meal and rest breaks after a certain number of hours worked.

Misclassified Employees

In some cases, an employee may be misclassified. This means that they are classified as an exempt employee (salaried) when they should be classified as a nonexempt (hourly) employee. Employers may misclassify employees in order to get around having to pay overtime. However, this is illegal, and employees must be paid for the time they work. We can investigate your situation and determine if you have been misclassified. If so, we can take action to see that you are properly classified and obtain the overtime pay to which you are entitled.

Learn More About Wage And Hour Cases

If you believe you have a case or there are several employees at your company in the same situation, we can consult with you to determine the best way in which to proceed. To schedule your free initial consultation, call our firm at 888-428-9432 or contact our office online.