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Representing Employees Who Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

Being let go or fired from a job is difficult and emotional. However, it is important to ensure that terms of your termination were legal. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated from your job, it is essential to speak with a lawyer who can evaluate your situation.

With years of experience, clients who have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs turn to me, attorney James R. Kristy. From my Los Angeles area based firm, Kristy & Kananen, I represent clients in a wide range of employment issues, including wrongful termination. I am dedicated to helping you exercise your rights and stand up to even the largest employer to ensure you get the result you deserve.

What Is At-Will Employment?

California employees are hired under a concept called “at-will employment.” This means that at any time, for any reason or no reason, an employee can be terminated from their job. The employer is not even obligated to provide an explanation. However, at-will employment does not cover situations in which an employee was terminated for illegal reasons, such as reporting discrimination, or due to their being in one of the protected classifications. These include disability, sex, gender, pregnancy, age, race, national origin and more.

Terminations That Were Wrongful

Anything beyond legitimate performance concerns, violations of company best practices and guidelines, division-wide layoffs or other specific situations may constitute wrongful termination. Reporting of discrimination or sexual harassment is not a basis for demotion or termination. Raising issues with management is not a basis for termination if the concerns were brought in good faith. There are many other situations that would lead one to believe they were wrongfully terminated. However, only an experienced employment lawyer like myself can determine if you have a case.

Working Together With You On Your Case

I partner with my clients when pursuing their wrongful termination cases, working together to see that their rights are preserved. To learn more, schedule a free consultation at my office. Call my firm at 888-473-0934 or contact me via email.