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Female school custodians file sexual harassment suit

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2022 | Discrimination And Harassment

California employees have certain protections thanks to state and federal employment laws. However, although discrimination and harassment are illegal, instances of both occur. In April, California high school custodians filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against school administrators.

What is the lawsuit about?

On April 18, 2022, three female high school custodians filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against their school district. The lawsuit stated that school administrators failed to keep them safe from their supervisor’s constant sexual harassment. They also alleged gender discrimination, claiming that their male coworkers were given preferential treatment and more opportunities than they were allowed.

The lawsuit stated that the women were made to work with inferior supplies compared with men in the same positions as them. They also claimed that they weren’t allowed the same freedom to take breaks and were not allowed to perform certain duties that were supposed to be part of their jobs. Instead, they were given the most menial tasks.

Complainants dealt with harassment and retaliation

The female custodians dealt with constant harassment and discrimination and stated that when they complained, they faced workplace retaliation from the district’s chief operations manager. That person was the custodians’ direct supervisor who allegedly witnessed incidents of sexual harassment and did nothing. One custodian stated that she was given a reprimand letter instead of helped after complaining about the harassment.

The school superintendent stated that the school district has always conducted investigations on all complaints of sexual harassment and safety issues.

The lawsuit the three female custodians filed stated that their supervisors continuously treated them with disrespect, making them the targets of sexual discrimination and harassment. The women’s attorney stated that her clients are “ready to see change.”

Nobody should have to deal with harassment or discrimination at work. If you’ve experienced them, fight back and report the behaviors.