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Is your California boss a bully?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2023 | Discrimination And Harassment, Employment Law - Employee

Some bosses let power go to their heads while others have been bullies their entire lives. Regardless, working under one can be a painful experience.


Bosses who are bullies are very verbally and physically aggressive. They can often be seen harassing employees. Behind his back, employees are always talking about filing harassment charges.

Demand control

Bully bosses never earn respect from those under them. Instead, they demand that everyone under them follow their precise directions.


Bosses who are bullies constantly push employees to lose emotional control. When they push someone too far, they find it hilarious.

Blame others

Bosses who are bullies never accept responsibility when things go wrong. Instead, everything is always someone else’s fault.

Use threats and intimidation

Bosses who bully are constantly threatening and intimidating employees. For example, they may demand that employees meet impossible deadlines or create perfect work.

Create anxiety

While most workplaces are filled with anxiety, bosses who love to bully create even more tension in their work environment.

Play favors

While many bosses favor one employee over another, it is different when the boss is a bully. Employees trip over each other to become the favorite employee because of the discrimination and harassment handed out to those who are not favored.


Bosses who are bullies look for ways to be disrespectful. They constantly use inappropriate language. They also skirt the line of using inappropriate body language.

Life is too short to work for a boss who is a bully. He or she is taking a toll on your emotional health, which can significantly impact your physical health.