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Surefire ways to know if your boss is a bully

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2022 | Firm News

Bullying is an ongoing issue throughout California. What may be surprising is that it not only happens at school and on playgrounds, but also in the workspace. Bullying is disruptive to a cohesive work environment. When your boss is the bully, life at work can get downright awkward.

Signs your boss might be bullying you

Considering your boss is involved in most matters concerning your career, it is easy to assume bullying behavior in the workplace is their way of being stern or pushing you to do better. Though everyone can make mistakes, there are some repetitive behaviors that indicate your boss may be a bully.

Your boss isolates and/or intimidates you

If your boss threatens to fire you, inflict harm or otherwise scare you, they could be a bully. Workplace relationships should consist of mutual respect. Additionally, if you find you are excluded from company events or meetings, you might be employed by a bully.

Your boss focuses on your failures rather than your successes

A genuine boss wants you to succeed and is not threatened by your success. If you are forced to relive prior mistakes, or if your opinion is generally ignored, you are probably experiencing bullying behavior.

Your boss is verbally abusive

If your boss swears, insults you or speaks negatively about you to other coworkers, it may be time to confront them.

Confronting your boss

Confronting your boss is an ideal first step in dealing with workplace bullying. Remain confident and be direct without letting emotions take over. Continue to work hard in spite of the bullying behavior. It is possible your boss is unaware their behavior is disturbing, and they may be more than willing to make personal adjustments.