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What are the most common types of construction-related defects?

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Firm News

California is a state that many people love calling home. However, nothing can ruin the excitement of moving into a new home faster than learning your property has defects. Construction defects come in many different forms. By learning about these potential deficiencies, you’ll understand how to spot them in your home.

The use of defective materials

Sometimes, homes have defects because a construction company uses damaged or otherwise faulty materials. Whether materials received damage in the manufacturing facility or on their way to a site, using them to build a home can cause this structure to be a defective property. Instead of using these items, a construction company should wait until it has high-quality materials.

Construction defects

Even if a construction company uses high-quality materials, it’s still possible for construction defects to occur. For instance, a home with a poorly built foundation can lead to parts of this property raising or lowering on their own. Construction defects can also happen with plumbing and electricity-related work.

Design-related problems

Unfortunately, some construction projects wind up doomed out of the gate. These problems happen due to design deficiencies, typically by engineers or architects. If the design of the home is problematic, the best construction company in the world could run into lots of problems during the building process. As you can imagine, faulty properties also cause lots of headaches for the people living in these homes.

To summarize, construction defects are serious problems for certain homeowners. If you suspect you’re living in a defective property, take note of any deficiencies right away. If the statute of limitations for these types of defects passes, it will be nearly impossible to seek damages.