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A hot summer poses problems for workers and projects

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Construction Defects

California is a beautiful state, especially during the summer. During this time of year, many companies work to complete construction projects. Unfortunately, the heat that summer brings can place a lot of strain on construction companies and their employees.

Dangerous environments for construction workers

Many people like spending time outdoors on a summer day. But spending long hours working outdoors can quickly become dangerous. To help construction companies keep their employees safe, OSHA recently released updated safety standards for completing construction work in the summer. However, many workers are still dealing with a wide range of heat-related issues.

One of the most frequently reported ailments in the summertime is heat stroke, which affects many construction workers. In many cases, heat stroke is treatable. If not treated, extreme bouts of heat stroke can result in death. According to the CDC, an estimated 658 people die from heat stroke in the United States each year.

A potential increase in construction defects

As the summer heat hovers near record highs, near-delirious construction professionals can make mistakes. If this happens, it could result in significant construction defects. These problems can happen in a wide range of ways. Some of the most common building defects include structural integrity problems and electrical issues.

There are many types of construction-related defects. Some of these defects are minimal and hard to notice. Unfortunately, more severe defects often make properties extremely unsafe.

As summer continues, many within the construction industry are watching out for heat-related problems. Avoid putting workers at risk for heat stroke by giving them frequent breaks in cool areas. It’s also important to give your outdoor workers plenty of water throughout the day.