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Identifying discrimination and harassment in the workplace

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Discrimination And Harassment

Harassment and discrimination take many forms in the workplace. Employers and employees are becoming aware of the pitfalls associated with the use of AI and employment and discrimination. The federal government and California state regulators are coming together to find ways of halting discrimination using artificial intelligence in the workplace.

How is artificial intelligence used?

The workplace has been changing under the weight of the latest technology, with some employees fearing they have been targeted by AI. Technology experts are looking for ways to streamline the application and selection process and may have created a sector rife with discrimination and harassment. It seems that the algorithms used to whittle down applicants may not take disabilities into account.

Algorithms are causing problems

It is not just in the job-seeking sector that AI has become a problem. Companies are using big data to determine the effectiveness of their employees. Algorithms fail to take into account the accommodations afforded to workers with disabilities. A worker with PTSD may require a quiet area to work effectively and be seen as set apart from the employee group by artificial intelligence programs. Pregnant employees are facing harassment and discrimination for their frequent bathroom breaks.

State regulators lead the way

State regulators around the U.S. are leading the fight against algorithms in the workplace. While the concept of using these algorithms makes sense in theory, the practical applications leave something to be desired. Until AI can reliably account for disabilities or can be built to account for protected classes, it doesn’t behoove an organization to use it for hiring or employee tracking.

Understanding the way that artificial intelligence affects the lives of employees will help you understand if you have faced harassment and discrimination in the workplace.