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Music company accused of discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2021 | Discrimination And Harassment

Dealing with discrimination or harassment in the workplace is never okay regardless of your position, your status or even the amount of income you earn. A former assistant at Moog Music, the world’s most popular synthesizer corporation, is accusing the workplace of discrimination, verbal abuse and misogyny in a new lawsuit.

The Moog Music lawsuit

The plaintiff worked as a personal assistant when she joined Moog Music in 2018. She has since expressed that she experienced a wide range of discrimination and harassment while on the job and was surrounded by what she calls a “boys club” while at work. Additionally, she accuses Moog Music of cultivating a toxic environment that condones misogynistic jokes and derogatory comments directed toward women. While Moog Music has denied these allegations, the lawsuit is still moving forward.

What defines discrimination and harassment in the workplace?

Discrimination and harassment can involve subjective issues and subtle actions, sometimes making it hard to identify. Discrimination and harassment may include verbal abuse, physical touching and derogatory, sarcastic or sexual remarks made in the workplace. If you are feeling left out purposely or targeted by an individual in power over you, this is considered harassment and may also be considered discrimination.

Getting help for harassment and discrimination at work

Getting help when you are being harassed or discriminated against is not always easy, especially if you believe your HR team is on the side of those in power. Seeking legal counsel is highly advisable to protect your position as well as your rights whenever you believe there has been an abuse of power in the workplace that caused you harm.