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    Justice for Consumers

    A true-grit law firm that fights for justice.

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    Insurance Bad Faith

    A true-grit law firm that fights for justice.

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    Construction Defects and HOA Disputes

    A true-grit law firm that fights for justice.

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    A true-grit law firm that fights for justice.

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    Medical Negligence

    A true-grit law firm that fights for justice.

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Since 2003, The Kristy Law Firm has won justice for its clients – insurance policyholders, home buyers, employees and patients. We apply consummate legal skill and experience to battle big corporations.
Our attorneys’ commitment to protecting consumer rights is reflected in our outstanding case results.

It sometimes seems that corporate wrongdoers harm consumers with impunity. They refuse to pay insurance claims. They sell homes that are poorly built and refuse to honor their warranties. They harass, discriminate, and unlawfully fire employees. Or they operate medical institutions that cut corners, harming the patients they are supposed to help.

Very often, such corporations wear down the victimized consumer with endless delays and red tape. Their strategy is to grind the person down until he or she surrenders, exhausted and dispirited. The only way to defeat such a cynical strategy is to team up with a true-grit law firm that will fight for you. And that is the mission of The Kristy Law Firm.

Our Los Angeles insurance bad faith attorneys exist to represent consumers victimized by unscrupulous corporate wrongdoers. We have proven our mettle by opposing huge businesses with seemingly unlimited resources. We understand that consumers feel outmatched by these “Goliath” corporations. That’s why we advance the cost of litigation for our clients. In fact, our clients owe us nothing unless and until we recover money for them.

When we take a new case, we begin preparing for trial from day one: that is where our “true grit” comes in. We work tirelessly to uncover the evidence that corporate defendants try to hide. We expose their harmful practices as we prepare for trial. Our methods usually result in settlements that justly compensate our clients.

But when the corporate wrongdoer refuses to offer a fair settlement, we try the case before a jury. We take pride in being prepared to try every one of our cases.

In fact, for every new case we take, we expect to win at trial. Whether it is against a huge car insurance company or builder, it is this mindset that produces the best results for our clients. We are trial attorneys who expect to battle for our clients – aggressively, yet ethically.

The process begins with a careful evaluation of your case, at no charge. Our attorneys will candidly discuss the merits of your case and let you know if we are able to help you. If we take your case, we begin by getting to know you: we want to know what you have been through.

We take the time to understand how your life has changed as a result of the unjust treatment you received from your insurer, home builder, employer, or health-care provider. We know the despair consumers experience when they try to fight for their rights, and no one has listened. When we take your case, we take that burden from your shoulders and fight for you.

The Kristy Law Firm limits the number of cases it takes. We do this to ensure that we can bring the necessary resources to bear to achieve justice in each of our cases. We work closely with you to understand the details of your case – including the minutiae that can make a difference at trial. It is always our goal to master the facts of your case.

We will then be able to tell your story to a jury. In fact, we view our job as empowering a jury to make it right: to wrest just compensation from the corporation that has harmed you.

With dauntless tenacity, we work to defeat corporations that trample on consumer rights. We use the civil discovery process to expose patterns of injustice. We are excellent legal writers, and very effective in winning motions for our clients. More than anything, we are intrepid trial attorneys.

It is our conviction that the work we do forces change – slowly but surely – in the culture of profit-at-all-cost corporations. Making corporations pay for their lawless disregard of consumer rights ultimately defeats such cynicism. Corporations are motivated by profits; our aim is to make it too expensive to trample on the legal rights of their customers.

Thank you for visiting our website. We invite you to tell us your story. Contact us today to let us know how you have been harmed.  Don’t be a victim of bad faith insurance practices, call our Los Angeles lawyers today.  We look forward to discussing your case with you and, if possible, to achieving justice for you.

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