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An explanation of the glass ceiling and how to avoid it

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Employment Law - Employee

Understandably, employees in California want to do well in their chosen fields. However, something called the glass ceiling can make it hard for certain individuals to succeed. A glass ceiling is a proverbial barrier stopping some from furthering themselves in their careers.

Examples of glass ceiling treatments

You may have heard of the glass ceiling affecting female employees some time ago. Unfortunately, this situation remains prevalent. One study found that females are 18% less likely to receive a promotion compared to males.

However, glass ceiling treatment can be based on several factors, and these factors may include someone’s religious beliefs, age and background. For instance, a company’s leaders may refuse to promote an employee because they feel this person is too old. Another example is that an executive may refuse to extend opportunities due to disagreeing with how someone is raised.

How to avoid the glass ceiling

Typically, those working in business administration not basing their promotion-related decisions on employee talent are committing employment law violations. Employees can help ensure they avoid glass ceiling-related treatment by:

  • Speaking up to their employers about their concerns
  • Realizing that the glass ceiling problem isn’t a reflection of them and their talent
  • Considering seeking employment with another business
  • Think about reporting this company if there is a belief it violates employment laws

Besides what employees can do to prevent the presence of a glass ceiling, it’s also crucial for employers to get involved. Preventing the glass ceiling can happen when thos in charge of making decisions work to recognize instances where prejudice and bias exist. Many employers can only come to a resolution after recognizing where problems are occurring in their companies, hence the reason being vigilent is important.