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Three major signs you’re a victim of age-based discrimination

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2023 | Discrimination And Harassment

Every working adult in California deserves to work for a company that cares for them. However, the unfortunate reality is that some people are victims of discrimination in the workplace. Sometimes, companies utilize several tactics to discriminate against their oldest employees.

Hearing unfriendly comments from co-workers

Most workplaces make it easy for co-workers to share non-work-related conversations. Whether intentionally or not, these conversations can sometimes have older employees walking away from them feeling confused or concerned about their future with a company. Examples of these conversations often occur when younger employees refer to older workers as “ready to retire” or “over-the-hill.”

Work duties change for the worse

While not a law, most companies ensure that their job descriptions accurately describe what employees will do if hired. But an employee’s required duties can often change if this person is a victim of discrimination on the job. This situation might include a manager reassigning you to a department you don’t enjoy or having you complete challenging tasks.

Other older employees aren’t around

Sometimes, companies gradually want to eliminate older employees in favor of newer, younger workers. Of course, to avoid suspicion, businesses will take time weeding out the more senior members of their workforces with buyouts. If you begin noticing fewer older employees, it’s worth being on high alert. Companies engaging in this type of conduct typically do so to avoid paying senior workers’ salaries, opting for younger workers that accept far less money.

Every older workforce member has rights regarding how workplaces can treat them. Age-based discrimination can happen in many ways, including something as small as a comment or more serious actions that jeopardize your future with a company. Discrimination victims can sometimes obtain damages from companies guilty of this crime.