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Addressing construction defects early can help avoid frustration

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Construction Defects

If you’ve decided to build a new home in California or upgrade an existing property, watching the progress and moving into the completed project can be exciting. However, your enthusiasm will likely switch to disappointment if you discover one or more construction defects. Drywall cracking, uneven foundation or bad plumbing can cause havoc quickly. Determining who’s to blame is typically the first step to help remedy the situation, which can be done by having a thorough inspection completed.

Having new construction inspected can provide peace of mind

Ideally, it’s best to have new home construction inspected thoroughly to help ensure it’s done correctly, avoiding construction defects. The first section should be done before drywall is placed. Doing so allows a professional to inspect the framing and make sure electrical wiring and plumbing are installed right. Another inspection can be completed after a home has been built to check everything else.

Failing to follow plans correctly

Following detailed plans for new home construction is essential. Using the guidelines given by manufacturers for component installations should also be done correctly. Unfortunately, plans and product installation guidelines may not be followed by a builder, leading to the need for professional assistance to remedy construction problems.

Looking for construction defects can be critical

Several components are involved in the process of constructing a new home. Ensuring they are completed correctly is essential to safeguard against small and large problems. Looking at the areas below is an excellent way to get started:

  • Foundation – Ensuring there is no moisture or water damage can be critical.
  • Framing – Checking to see if trusses are constructed correctly is essential for structural integrity.
  • Insulation – Helps maintain energy efficiency when it’s installed the right way
  • Windows – Correct installation eliminates leaks and allows for easy opening and closing.

Construction defects can cause significant problems in new home construction or upgrades. Catching them early can save time, money and frustration.