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What to do if you discover a construction defect

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Construction Defects

A defect is a result of construction work that falls short of acceptable industry standards. It’s not always easy to spot a defect if you’re not a construction professional yourself. Every person who agrees to a contract in California is responsible for his or her actions. The following are steps to take when you discover a construction defect.

Hire an inspector

Hire a professional to find and describe construction defects through an inspection. Obtain an inspection report to see where the defect is, the extent of the damage and how it had formed.

Review the contract

A contract is attached to every major construction project. There are contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers and designers who are each assigned a role to fulfill. Review this construction contract to see the duties of each worker and to determine who is liable for a specific problem.

Check the warranty

Review the terms in your builder’s warranty. You may have one or two years of coverage for major structural repairs. Some warranties have 10 years of coverage in Texas for certain structural defects.

Contact the contractor

Notify the building contractor by sending a certified letter. Describe your complaint, and wait 60 days for a response. If there is no reply, you can proceed with a lawsuit and review your options for a settlement.

Take corrective actions

There is a process that you need to complete after discovering a defect. It starts by identifying the type of defect and who is responsible. Filing a lawsuit is often the result of fixing the problem and preventing it from occurring again.