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Are there employment law changes coming to California?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | Employment Law - Employee

California employers and employees will soon need to follow many new workplaces rules and regulations. Governor Gavin Newsome signed several measures into law that contribute to better workplace safety. Various other regulations address matters related to disputes and discrimination.

Employment laws change in 2022

The laws cover numerous measures that employees involved in labor disputes might find interesting. Under the upcoming law, arbitration requires payment upon receipt. In addition, options to devise a payment schedule are possible. The idea behind these laws centers on keeping employers from potentially delaying the arbitration process.

Another law change intends to expand the California Family Rights Act, which is relevant when a worker’s relative needs significant care. Soon, parents-in-law will fit the description of a parent under the legislation. The change could make providing care easier for those previously excluded in the statute.

One change in the law attempts to address discrimination in the health care field. Implicit bias training will now become mandatory for nurses in the Golden State. Also, health care laws regarding emotional support animals will undergo a modification: Providers face stricter requirements regarding the issuance of documentation related to the animals.

Understanding the changes in the law

Workers and managers may have a general idea about the employment law changes in store for 2022. However, a closer examination of the rules might be necessary for individuals who want to know how a specific law affects them.

For example, 2022 will bring forth changes to regulations regarding the retainment of employee records. Workers concerned about how long employers must retain records may want to read more details about this statute’s specifics. Such diligence could help a worker assert their rights when necessary.