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What to do if you suspect a wage and hour discrepancy

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2021 | Wage And Hour Claims

For most people, earning a living in California means working for a company. If everything goes smoothly at your job, you’ll get paid fairly for the time you spend at work. However, this doesn’t always happen. If you suspect you’re the victim of a wage and hour discrepancy, here are the next steps to take.

Document your hours and pay

One of the best ways to prevent potential wage and hour claims is by documenting your hours. Each day, you’ll want to write down how long you spent working. It’s also a good idea to include how much money you earned during these shifts. By doing this, you can compare what you’ve written down with your pay stubs.

Speak with your employer

If you think there’s a potential problem with your pay, it’s time to notify your employer. By law, you shouldn’t fear getting discharged or discriminated against by bringing forth a complaint in good faith. If this does happen, it is a direct violation of your rights as an employee. Also, try to avoid waiting too long to let your employer know about this situation. Waiting too long might make your discrepancy harder for an employer to solve.

Take note of your employer’s information

In situations involving wage and hour discrepancies, it’s a good idea to take note of information about your employer. This information can include the person or people who hired you, who’s in charge of payroll and your supervisor. It’s also wise to write down your company’s name and address.

To summarize, you’ll need to perform several steps if you’re the potential victim of a wage and hour discrepancy. If your employer isn’t helping you with your discrepancy, it could be beneficial to contact an employment law attorney.