Medical Malpractice Case Results

Arbitration Award

Washington, et al. v. Kaiser Permanente

At arbitration, The Kristy Law Firm represented a young couple in the wrongful death of their infant son, Jaedyn.  At only 28 days of age, Jaedyn was admitted at Kaiser Permanente’s West Los Angeles Medical Center.  His symptoms included fever and suspected sepsis and seizures.  On his fifth day in the hospital, Jaedyn’s blood-oxygen level dropped and his body was jittery.  Kaiser’s physician administered a powerful anaesthetic called Versed, then rushed Jaedyn to a nearby MRI facility to obtain an MRI of Jaedyn’s brain.  In the MRI room, Jaedyn suffered cardiac and respiratory failure, and was taken to the emergency room.  Jaedyn did not regain consciousness, and was declared brain-dead a few days later.

We presented evidence that Kaiser Permanente’s failure to test for and treat seizure symptoms, and its  administration of Versed to Jaedyn without adequate medical monitoring or means of resuscitating him, were medical negligence and substantial factors in causing Jaedyn’s death.  The Neutral Arbitrator agreed, and awarded the parents damages of $151,220 in her binding arbitration award.

Confidential Settlement

$235,000 Medical malpractice by a major HMO

A woman was given a chest X-Ray that revealed a mass in her lung. The HMO failed to inform the woman of the lung mass and failed to treat it. Nearly two years later, the woman became very ill, and was diagnosed with inoperable, stage-4 lung cancer. She passed away soon afterward. Our expert oncologist’s opinion was that the woman’s cancer was at stage 1 at the time of the X-ray, and that she would likely have survived more than 5 years with prompt treatment. The Kristy Law Firm recovered for the husband’s loss of the care, comfort and society of his beloved wife.

Confidential Settlement

$125,000  Medical negligence of a major, nationwide pharmacy chain

A local pharmacy printed an incorrect and dangerously high dosage on a bottle of cough medicine that contained a narcotic.  The patient took the medicine as the label instructed and suffered extreme shortness of breath, numbness, and blurred vision. She was rushed to emergency and treated there.  However, she continued to suffer harmful effects of the overdose for months afterward.  The case settled after The Kristy Law Firm investigated the pharmacy chain’s training procedures and safety controls, and demanded to take the depositions of the chain’s executives.

The Kristy Law Firm’s past results are not a guarantee of results in future cases we take.  We evaluate each case on its own facts and circumstances.