Insurance Case Results


Flex Equipment Company v. Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company

In federal court, The Kristy Law Firm represented a manufacturer of exercise equipment against its liability insurer.  The jury unanimously found that Atlantic Mutual acted with legal malice when it wrongfully refused to pay an injury claim against Flex.  The case settled during the punitive-damages phase of trial.

Confidential Settlements

[amount ]$3.0 Million[/amount]     Wrongful death resulting from insurance bad faith (health insurance)

An HMO denied hospitalization benefits to a young woman suffering from severe anorexia; within a week of being forcibly discharged, she took her own life.*

[amount ]$1.1 Million[/amount]     Broker negligence and insurance bad faith (business property loss)

A family-owned furniture retailer’s warehouse burned, and was inadequately insured for the loss. The Kristy Law Firm recovered from the business’s insurance broker and insurance company.*

[amount ]$500,000[/amount]         Fraud and insurance bad faith (health insurance)

An independent business owner purchased a health-insurance policy.  The insurer promised that its policy would cover the costs of hospitalization and treatment in the event of major illness.  When the insured became ill with cancer, he was saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid medical bills.*

[amount ]$400,000[/amount]         Wrongful death resulting from insurance bad faith (health insurance)

A young woman contracted a serious illness while traveling abroad. She required immediate treatment, including medication that was not available in the country she was visiting.  She died after her HMO refused to airlift her for treatment in the United States.*

[amount ]$275,000[/amount]         Insurance bad faith (homeowner’s insurance)

An elderly couple’s home flooded after a water pipe broke.  The insurer delayed payment, and its chosen restoration company caused further damage to the home.*

[amount ]$250,000[/amount]         Insurance bad faith (homeowner’s insurance)

The Kristy Law Firm recovered $250,000 for the insured homeowner without filing a lawsuit, in a case involving the flooding of her home, resulting in mold and asbestos damage.*

[amount ]$150,000[/amount]         Insurance bad faith (commercial liability policy)

A liability insurer refused to settle a lawsuit against its insured, a small business, within the policy limits. The Kristy Law Firm recovered from the insurance company in a bad-faith lawsuit.

* With co-counsel.

The Kristy Law Firm’s past results are not a guarantee of results in future cases we take.  We evaluate each case on its own facts and circumstances.