Employment Case Results

Confidential Settlement

$265,000 – Corporate employer’s wrongful termination and violation of employee’s rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act

A very large and widely known corporate employer interfered with its employee’s rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act.  When the employee reported her supervisor’s interference, the employee – with an exemplary record of over ten years with the company – was fired.

Confidential Settlement

$180,000 – An employee of a country club had been fired after her supervisor made disparaging remarks about her being a woman and a new mother.

The country club also failed to pay the employee the same wage as males doing the same work; failed to pay all overtime due, and failed to give meal breaks. The Kristy Law Firm sued the country club for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and interference with the employee’s rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). We also sued the club for violations of the California Labor Code, on behalf of both the plaintiff-employee and all other similarly situated employees at the club.

Class-Action Settlement

$135,000 – Wage-and-hour class action (preliminary approval of the settlement granted by Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 18, 2013)*

A corporate employer in the freight-forwarding business denied overtime compensation to employees who were “non-exempt” under California law – and thus entitled to compensation.  The settlement of this class action will result in the opportunity for over 70 current and former employees to receive long-overdue overtime compensation.  The company has changed its practices and now compensates non-exempt employees for overtime.

* With co-counsel.

The Kristy Law Firm’s past results are not a guarantee of results in future cases we take.  We evaluate each case on its own facts and circumstances.