Construction/ HOA

We represent plaintiffs in cases involving faulty construction of homes.  We also represent plaintiffs who are members of homeowners associations, and who have been harmed by their HOA.

Buyers of new homes sometimes discover hidden problems in the construction.  These defects may come to light years after the purchase.  Often, it is difficult or impossible to get the builder to correct damage resulting from defective construction, or to compensate the home buyer.  The result can be a property whose value is diminished by defects that only became apparent years after purchase.

Seek legal advice immediately if you believe that damage to your home resulted from defective construction.

We apply our experience in construction litigation to recover compensation for consumers who are the victims of negligent contractors.  In addition to construction-defect cases, we also represent consumers in negligent repair or remodeling cases.  We understand the relationships among general and sub-contractors, and the obligations of their insurance companies.

The Kristy Law Firm fights for the rights of homeowners in cases involving the following construction-defect claims, among others:

  • Soils and settlement-related problems
  • Landslide conditions
  • Plumbing defects
  • Structural defects
  • Water intrusion and mold
  • Drywall, appliances, and fit-and-finish
  • Windows and doors
  • Contractor negligence in remodels and repairs

We also represent members of homeowners associations whose homes have suffered damage as the result of an HOA’s negligence or failure to protect homeowners’ interests (sometimes called “breach of fiduciary duty”).

We offer a free evaluation of your case.  We represent homeowners on a contingency-fee basis, which means that our clients owe us nothing unless and until we recover money for them.  If you believe that your home suffered damage due to construction-contractor negligence, or have a claim against your HOA, call us today. Or, fill out the contact form for a free evaluation.  Thank you, we look forward to discussing your case with you.